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Noun1.nightbird - a person who likes to be active late at nightnightbird - a person who likes to be active late at night
individualist - a person who pursues independent thought or action
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Bradley assenting, went with him into an early public-house, haunted by unsavoury smells of musty hay and stale straw, where returning carts, farmers' men, gaunt dogs, fowls of a beery breed, and certain human nightbirds fluttering home to roost, were solacing themselves after their several manners; and where not one of the nightbirds hovering about the sloppy bar failed to discern at a glance in the passion-wasted nightbird with respectable feathers, the worst nightbird of all.
The middle of the house is a sort of chorus-girl belt, while in the upper rooms there are reporters and other nightbirds.
Nightbirds can stay up late and dive into a specially curated space-age smorgasbord featuring a wide range of delicious sharing delights, once the main-stage excitement draws to a close.
After losing member Cindy Birdsong to The Supremes, LaBelle, Nona Hendryx and Sarah Dash formed the trio LaBelle, which reached its peak in 1975 with the album Nightbirds, which included the breakout hit Lady Marmalade.
Photo editor Albert Smith delivers a revealing portfolio of activists, nightbirds, and promoters as well as out performers.
Mars-watching is very much an activity for nightbirds.
The shell collector spent the night standing in a window, listening to Lamu: donkeys clopping up the street, nightbirds squelching from somewhere in the acacia to his right, hammer-strokes on metal, far off, and the surf, washing into the pylons of the docks.
But her summertime escapades with some of Wales' wildest nightbirds can still be seen in her series, The Night Before the Morning After (HTV, 12.