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n.1.(Zool.) The chigoe.
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Moodie (1880-1934) and then Americanist Raoul d'Harcourt (1879-1971) who later reevaluated the significance of these vessels, both concurring that the holes on the feet of these 2 huacos represent residual lesions left by nigua infections (12,23,24,26).
Just south of San Cristobal is the village of Nigua where 16th-century and 18th-century ruins of sugar mills can be explored.
Jeanette Dominguez, director of the council, said that the new companies would be operating in Santiago, San Pedro de Macoris, Nigua and Bani, among others, and would generate an estimated 3,000 new jobs.
The new businesses range in everything from textiles to tugboats and will operate in Santiago, La Vega, Caucedo, Nigua, San Isidro, Sabana de la Mar and Hato Mayor.