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Noun1.1920s - the decade from 1920 to 19291920s - the decade from 1920 to 1929  
decade, decennary, decennium - a period of 10 years
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Wilna Hervey a six-foot-three-inch, three-hundred-pound heiress won the role of "The Powerful Katrinka" in the Toonerville Trolley comedies of the early nineteen-twenties through her impressive size.
An exchange between Gove and Robert Jay QC, who is counsel to the inquiry, ensued, taking in references to Stanley Baldwin in the nineteen-twenties and other periods of history.
The nineteen-twenties were a busy time for Dad with as many as eleven concerts in a week.
dental bills, going All the way back to the nineteen-twenties when My
The cabin was completely redesigned by HermE s Interior and Design to maximize available space: Surfaces from floor to ceiling have been covered in CyToile HCO, a HermE s canvas used to manufacture the firmCOs travelware since the nineteen-twenties.