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or Ny•os

(ˈni oʊs)

Lake, a volcanic lake in Cameroon, at the NW border: eruption 1986.
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Total fund spent on e-learning by NIOS during the last three years is Rs.
Upendra Kushwaha, Minister of State for HRD (School Education and Literacy) who was present at the launch appreciated the efforts of Prakash Javadekar and NIOS towards reforming the education sector.
On the theory that the order to kill emanated in New York City, an assistant district attorney, determined to put the NIOS administrator on trial for murder, enlists the services of Rhyme and his associates to build a case, although the hard evidence is scarce.
To achieve integration, LDRA takes advantage of Nios II tool chain characteristics.
In fact, 11 students lost hope along the way and gave up their fight with the NIOS," she said.
The Nios II kit offers designers a wealth of hardware and software that can jump start complicated system and product designs.
But a spokesman said the embassy had contacted NIOS after the parents complained and agreed to find a hall for the exams here, to avoid a crisis.
With over 15,000 development kits sold worldwide and used by each of the world's top 20 home appliance OEMs, the Nios II family of embedded processors are the most popular configurable soft processors available today," said Michael Samuelian, director of the industrial business unit at Altera.
However, the donation to Communities in Schools and the opportunity to attract an agency with the credibility and track record of Para Los Nios to support the resources that currently exist, will result in incalculable improvements to the lives of Valley residents for years to come.
With its fast software timers and Preemption-Threshold capabilities, ThreadX enables developers to maximize the strengths of the Nios II processor.
Wind River's Linux solution for the Nios II processor is based on Linux 2.
He also congratulated NIOS for its objective to build quality of teachers and to review how the term excellence and quality can be shaped by the training.