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n. pl. no·ce·bos or no·ce·boes
A substance that causes undesirable side effects as a result of a patient's perception that it is harmful rather than as a result of a causative ingredient.

[Latin nocēbō, I will harm, first person sing. future tense of nocēre, to harm (on the model of placebo); see nek- in Indo-European roots.]
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Therefore, a nocebo effect is where a person's symptoms are worsened by the fake medicine in a drug trial.
Samuel Frederick Donley, 19, of Hamilton Drive West, York, was the frontman for Nocebo, a fivepiece York-based rock band in which Liam played guitar.
The research by the Universities of Southampton and Exeter indicates that a type of nocebo response, where patients perceive a lack of understanding or acceptance from their doctor, could create anger and distress - physiological conditions that can worsen illness.
The increase in symptoms that followed each of the specific food challenges could have been due to a nocebo effect (i.
The placebo effect has a dark twin called the nocebo effect.
This may be the underlying mechanism of placebo and nocebo effects of medications and other therapies.
Bowling proposes that placebo and nocebo responses are an intrinsic part of therapy outcomes.
5) Ne prendare cave, prenso nec fuste nocebo, / saeva nec incurva vulnera falce dabo: / traiectus conto sic extendere pedali / ut culum rugam non habuisse putes (CP 11).
The placebo and nocebo (when someone is told that they will experience negative symptoms and then subsequently do) effects are widely chronicled in psychology texts and studies.
The four-disc set includes The Colour Of Amber, Nocebo, The Names Of Angels, Anything You Can Do, Unnatural Vices, Falls The Shadow, From The Defeated and The Dead Land.
The four-disc set includes: The Colour of Amber, Nocebo, The Names of Angels, Anything You Can Do, Unnatural Vices, Falls The Shadow, From the Defeated and The Dead Land.