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 (nŭ′tər, nœ′-), Amalie Known as "Emmy." 1882-1935.
German mathematician who made important contributions to the development of modern abstract algebra.
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Noun1.Noether - German mathematician (1882-1935)
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While the book mainly deals with mathematical explanations, it offers some biographical material on physicist Emmy Noether, the founder of modern abstract algebra and a contemporary of Einstein.
ABSTRACT: This paper introduces the use of Noether symmetry equation for Lagrangian of conformal plane symmetric static Minkowski spacetime to find all those Minkowski spacetimes which admit the conformal factor.
In our attempt to select representative women mathematicians we must omit several important figures of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to consider Emmy Noether (1882-1935), to many, the greatest woman mathematician of all time.
Emmy Noether [27,28] asked whether k(G) is rational (= purely transcendental) over k.
Among the topics are the remarkable career of Otto Grun, Emmy Noether and Hermann Weyl, Abraham Robinson and his infinitesimals, Cahit Arf and his invariant, Heinrich-Wolfgang Leopoldt, and Hoechsmann's theorem.
Noether, (1918) states this observation in a mathematical theorem.
Tent, a teacher of middle-school mathematics, helps young readers understand how unusual it was for Emmy Noether to earn a doctorate from the U.
Most importantly, we learn of a true unsung heroine of science and mathematics: German mathematician Emmy Noether.
Noether, PhD, former Deputy Assistant Director and Staff Economist of the antitrust office of the Federal Trade Commission and currently a Vice President of Charles River Associates, a Boston-based consulting firm.
BOSTON -- Charles River Associates (NASDAQ: CRAI), a worldwide leader in providing economic, financial, and management consulting services, today announced the appointment of Monica Noether to a new role as leader of an expanded health care offering at CRA.
MST), CRA's Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Monica Noether and Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Wayne Mackie will present at the conference - providing insight about the Company's business strategy and recent financial results.
Based on the work of Leon Brillouin and Emmy Noether, this book explores a novel approach to understanding physical acoustics that incorporates wave momentum and quasi-particles.