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n.1.(Bot.) A heap of carpels belonging to one flower.
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Morphologische und entwicklungsgeschichtliche Untersuchungen an Bluten und Blutenstanden von Solanaceen und von Nolana paradoxa Lindh (Nolanaceae).
Calendulas, nasturtiums, cosmos, clarkia, cornflower, nigella, annual convolvulus, nolana, echium and clary sage, will all germinate outdoors and many of them can be cut and brought into the house.
The rectilinear layout fits within a framework dictated by the precise division of the north/south axis of the via Stabiana into three equal portions, cut by the two east/west axes of the via Nolana and the via dell'Abbondanza: current thinking dates this layout to the 3rd century BC (De Caro 1992).
The 25,000-square-foot store, expected to open in August 2002 will be located in the Northcross Shopping Center at 10th Street and Nolana.