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n, pl nomina (ˈnɒmɪnə)
(Historical Terms) an ancient Roman's second name, designating the person's gens or clan. See also agnomen, cognomen, praenomen
[Latin: a name]


(ˈnoʊ mɛn)

n., pl. nom•i•na (ˈnɒm ə nə, ˈnoʊ mə-)
(in ancient Rome) the second name of a citizen, indicating the person's gens, as “Gaius Julius Caesar.”
[1885–90; < Latin nōmen name]
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Comprehensive Latin America Compliance : Whether you have to comply with Brazil Nota Fiscal, Mexico CFDI, Nomina Electronica, Chile DTE and Libros reporting, Brazilian SPED and eSocial reporting or efactura mandates in Argentina and Ecuador, Invoiceware International provides the most complete compliance platform for multinationals doing business in Latin America.
Counting the valid species and subspecies is arduous and problematic because some names are nomina nuda (unavailable) and others appear to be in taxonomic "limbo.
121 in konspektiver Art einen Uberblick uber die Wortarten dar, dem Ausfuhrungen zur Einund Zweistammigkeit der Nomina sowie zu den Kasusformen und ihren syntaktischen Funktionen folgen.
Amid h nomina action h comedy Just tak you nee Here loud t body two fe Johns kidna steal Ba true s perfe height mostly sheer st And s whom W hilariou panic fi piles up He m and Bla Based, extremely loosely, on a true story, Pain & Gain is a perfectly decent crime movie heightened by coal-black humour, mostly revolving around the villains' sheer stupidity.
Nomina (FAO), Tanveer Arif (SCOPE), Zaffar Sabri (PPAF) and other speakers addressed the august gathering of participants.
Tal es el caso del trabajo de Andres Sanchez-Robayna, quien elabora un panorama critico y una nomina dedicada al generalmente marginado grupo de poetas bilingues de Portugal y Brasil, los cuales--mas alla de los manidos nombres de Gil Vicente o Jorge de Montemayor--han sido desatendidos.
This, the seventh update, includes sections on new ideas and discoveries, dinosaurs and birds, systematics, and extinctions, as well as the complete reference section by current genus name with information on synonyms and nomina dubia.
We have now reassessed the situation during preparation of the chapter on Cecidomyiidae for the forthcoming Manual of Afrotropical Diptera and have decided that most of these genera and species named by Kieffer, which have remained unrecognised for almost a century, are unlikely to be recognised with any degree of certainty now or in the future and are best treated as nomina dubia.
Its history goes back to 1895, when the first Latin anatomical nomenclature was published as Basilensia Nomina Anatomica.
And with the book's last line, Stat rosa pristina nomine, nomina nuda tenemus, which translates as "Yesterday's rose endures in its name, we hold empty names," he suggests that from the beauty of the past, now vanished, only a linguistic trace remains.
In 44 he had manipulated his great-uncle Julius Caesar's will so that he inherited the great tria nomina, and, dropping his own patronymic, advertised himself as Caesar's son.
The best indicators, she suggests, are specifically Christian names such as Peter or Paul and nomina sacra, the Christian scribal practice of abbreviating sacred names.