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1. One who does not conform to, or refuses to be bound by, accepted beliefs, customs, or practices.
2. often Nonconformist A member of a Protestant church not observing the doctrines, usage, or polity of a national or established church, especially the Church of England.

non′con·form′ist adj.
non′con·form′ism n.


1. the state or practice of nonadherence to an established church or its doctrine, discipline, or polity.
2. (cap.) the condition of a Protestant in England who is not a member of the Church of England; dissenterism. — nonconformist, n., adj.
See also: Protestantism
a deliberate and conscious refusal to conform to conventional practices or patterns of behavior. — nonconformist, n.nonconformity, n.
See also: Attitudes
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Noun1.nonconformism - a lack of orthodoxy in thoughts or beliefs
heresy, heterodoxy, unorthodoxy - any opinions or doctrines at variance with the official or orthodox position
conformism, conformity - orthodoxy in thoughts and belief
2.nonconformism - the practice of nonconformity
practice, pattern - a customary way of operation or behavior; "it is their practice to give annual raises"; "they changed their dietary pattern"


[ˈnɒnkənˈfɔːmɪzəm] Ninconformismo m


[ˈnɒnkənˈfɔːmɪzm] n (Brit) (Rel) → movimento protestante


[ˈnɒnkənˈfɔːmɪzm] nanticonformismo
References in classic literature ?
Here is Bill Jukes, every inch of him tattooed, the same Bill Jukes who got six dozen on the WALRUS from Flint before he would drop the bag of moidores [Portuguese gold pieces]; and Cookson, said to be Black Murphy's brother (but this was never proved), and Gentleman Starkey, once an usher in a public school and still dainty in his ways of killing; and Skylights (Morgan's Skylights); and the Irish bo'sun Smee, an oddly genial man who stabbed, so to speak, without offence, and was the only Non-conformist in Hook's crew; and Noodler, whose hands were fixed on backwards; and Robt.
It is felony, as I have just told you, for a Roman Catholic priest to celebrate a marriage which may be lawfully celebrated by a parochial clergyman, a Presbyterian mini ster, and a Non-conformist minister.
He whose soul longeth to experience the whole range of hitherto recognised values and desirabilities, and to circumnavigate all the coasts of this ideal 'Mediterranean Sea', who, from the adventures of his most personal experience, wants to know how it feels to be a conqueror, and discoverer of the ideal--as likewise how it is with the artist, the saint, the legislator, the sage, the scholar, the devotee, the prophet, and the godly non-conformist of the old style:--requires one thing above all for that purpose, GREAT HEALTHINESS--such healthiness as one not only possesses, but also constantly acquires and must acquire, because one unceasingly sacrifices it again, and must sacrifice it
You can't truly be an innovator if you're not a brilliant non-conformist, and you can't start a revolution without being a genius of a rebel.
Chamberlain's grave is tucked away an obscure corner of Key Hill cemetery and there are no statues to him in the city (partly due to his Protestant non-conformist background).
The market for Soviet Non-Conformist art is strengthening, but these intense, politically charged works are still relatively undervalued.
The Lost Colonies of Ancient America: A Comprehensive Guide to the Pre-Columbian Visitors Who Really Discovered America comes from a long-time expert in the field of prehistory and documents the evolution of Josph's special brand of non-conformist archaeology which challenged modern science and resulted in different views of the ancient world.
The DS5 has all the attributes most people want in a car while at the same time being very much a non-conformist in terms of both interior and exterior design.
In the 1960s, when a wave of non-conformist ideas spread through the Soviet Union, Gassel combined his knowledge of iconography with the new modern vision.
At the turn of the century about 10% of the Liverpool population were Welsh speakers and the non-conformist churches stronger than the Anglican communion.
How could the champion of non-conformist Christianity become a womaniser living a double life?
The version used by members of the Church of England in 1912 was Horbury; in America, they used a tune called Bethany; and Methodists and other English non-Conformist churches used a tune called Proprior Deo.

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