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A metaphysical doctrine denying the existence of matter.

im′ma·te′ri·al·ist adj. & n.


1. (Philosophy) the doctrine that the material world exists only in the mind
2. (Philosophy) the doctrine that only immaterial substances or spiritual beings exist. See also idealism3
ˌimmaˈterialist n


(ˌɪm əˈtɪər i əˌlɪz əm)

a doctrine that there is no material world, but that all things exist only in and for the mind.


the belief that material things have no objective existence but exist only as mental perceptions. — immaterialist, n.immaterial, adj.
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P Iredale, non-material amendment to pre-|vious permission for building of detached house, 43B New Hey Road, Marsh.
will be releasing all non-material announcements after the close of business at5:00 p.
Mindray expects the deal to have non-material impact on its 2015 financial results.
A proposal for the sale of ICICI Bank's shareholding in ICICI Bank Eurasia (IBEL), a non-material wholly-owned banking subsidiary in Russia, to Sovcombank, an unrelated third party Russian bank has been sanctioned by Board of Directors of ICICI Bank at its conference organised on 05 December 2014.
The unit is a non-material wholly-owned banking subsidiary in Russia.
A total of 337, 500 euros is the maximum compensation that can be paid as non-material compensation in case of a car accident, with mandatory auto liability insurance.
The meeting approved the final report of the non-material Omani heritage, which included a number of recommendations that will be submitted by the committee to the Majlis A'Shura in its coming meetings.
The European Court has ruled that Bulgaria must compensate the family for inflicted material and non-material damages.
He added that the symposiums shed light on mosaic art in the province and means of preserving non-material heritage.
Proposal: Non-material amendment to M/FP/0897/10/P to allow enlarged lounge window and removal of bathroom window.
Christmas gifts and dinners are physical expressions of a non-material love.
Al Bar'ah - the performing art, which combines dance, music and poetry - was recently included in the list of World Cultural and Human Non-material Heritage by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) during a meeting in Kenya in November.