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1. Identifying as having a gender that corresponds to the sex one has been assigned at birth; not transgender.
2. Of or relating to cisgender people.
A person who is cisgender.

[cis- + gender (on the model of transgender).]
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The vast majority of non-trans feminists want trans acceptance, but 'transcritical' feminists dominate the debate.
The neologisms 'cisgender' and 'cissexual' have come into popular usage as a way to discuss non-trans people in a way that does not privilege their modes of being and identifications with an assigned sex as natural and normal.
Non-Trans Java toll roads in Java include the Cileunyi--Sumedang--Dawuan in West Java, Yogyakarta--Solo in Central Java, and Probolinggo--Banyuwangi in East Java.
Key theoretical rifts include divergent conceptions of trans subjects held by non-trans feminists, divergent and hierarchical relationships between transgender and transsexual persons, divergent and conflicting complaints about gender intelligibility, divergent emphases on sameness and difference in theorizing trans experiences and identities, and divergent attributions of gender and sexual embodiment to nature and to psychosocial factors.
They must conform to pass as non-trans heterosexuals and assimilate into "normal" society after transitioning.
Good-For-You Bars: Great for your heart and soul, these all-natural, low sodium, non-trans fat bars each help to lower blood pressure and the risk of heart disease.
A compilation of short essays written by feminist trans people, non-trans feminist scholars, lawyers, and front line shelter and rape crisis workers, this book raises key issues related to the systemic constructions of sex/gender, the functioning of multiple relations of dominance within contemporary society, the ways social locations impact the shaping of political consciousness, and the policing of organizational membership and 'public' space in order to "begin discussions across boundaries and differences"(12).
Though their hormone levels seem to be the same as non-trans levels, some scientists speculate that their brains react differently to the hormones, just as men's differ from women's.
This paper discusses the recent and ongoing battle involving Kimberley Nixon and her non-trans feminist supporters and detractors.
Company Moving Steadily Toward Healthier Menu with Testing of Other Non-Trans Fat Alternatives Underway
Stewart acknowledges the conflict inherent in hiring non-trans actresses to play Mousey and the two other trans women in the ward.
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