a.1.Not coincident.
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Gupta, Flow and stability of a second grade fluid between two parallel plates rotating about noncoincident axes, Int.
On the other hand, the rule-of-thumb approach misses a lot of detail about the types of buildings being constructed or demolished, load profiles of buildings compared to renewable options, and coincident versus noncoincident loads.
Abbott and Walters [16] studied the hydrodynamic flow between two disks, rotating with the same angular velocity about noncoincident axes.
In each case, photomicrographs of 1600x1200 pixels were obtained from noncoincident and consecutive fields.
Self-divided identity marks even the inhabitant of a domicile, region or nation, because there exists no natural, essential origin of expression: "in political terms, the subject is noncoincident both with herself and with the location of her utterance" (67).
The monthly electricity billing cost consists of a meter charge, current month noncoincident peak (NCP) demand charge, four coincident peak (4CP) demand charge, and energy consumption charge.
Lipschitz put that one to rest in a classic paper ("Power Response of Loudspeakers with Noncoincident Drivers--The Influence of Crossover Design"--JAES Volume 34 Number 4 pp.
Only fragments exist, which correspond inevitably to incomplete, unstable, and noncoincident visions.
The only traits in this study that reveal noncoincident QTLs were plant type (LG7) and aftermath heading (LG6).
if anything, Turkish business cycles are noncoincident with business cycles in Europe, although they may sometimes appear to lead European cycles.
In particular, the occurrence of noncoincident and/or nonconcordant clines for different markers suggests the existence of differences in selective pressures acting on various genomic components (Barton and Hewitt 1983, 1989; Barton and Bengtsson 1986; Hewitt 1990; Hatfield et al.
The estimates of utilization that the Federal Reserve has constructed reflect the excess of generating capacity over the desired level of capacity, that is, a capacity level high enough to safely surpass expected noncoincident peaks in generation.