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a.1.Not recurring.
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Galena) announced that data from its Phase 1 study with GALE-301, or Folate Binding Protein (FBP) was presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 50th Annual Meeting with a poster entitled "Comparison of recurrent and nonrecurrent ovarian and uterine cancer patients undergoing adjuvant folate receptor vaccine therapy.
The existence of an AR-expressing cancer subset was also noted in a recent metaanalysis of microarray studies (46); nonrecurrent somatic mutations in some AR-responsive genes (although not AR itself) were noted in the recent sequencing of TNBC (58).
Sue Metcalfe, director of commissioning for the Durham, Darlington and Tees area team of NHS England, said after nonrecurrent funding for the service ceased on April 1, when Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) were abolished and replaced by Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) led by local GPs, patients were still able to receive medical and nursing services from the GP practice's main site in Billingham.
Overall, however, deficit reduction will be slightly lower than expected in 2013, to allow for nonrecurrent expenditures associated with the security situation in Mali and the Sahel, and the launching of the program in response to the major flooding of 2012.
Amnion rupture sequence is generally a nonrecurrent condition, whereas acrania/anencephaly has a 1% to 2% recurrence risk, and generally high-dose folate supplementation is also recommended.
In the remaining sections, she reviews MMI-mediated (PK-mediated) phenomena which do not primarily involve religious practitioners, such as: anomalous healing, including Filipino and Brazilian psychic surgery; the inexplicable feats of marital artists and athletes, such as martial artists knocking down opponents without touching them or athletes causing uncanny movements of a ball; poltergeists and their interpretations from 200 BCE until today; and spontaneous nonrecurrent MMI ("spontaneous nonrecurrent PK"), where her focus is nearly entirely on "spontaneous human combustion" (SHC).
The distinction between expenditure for consumption and investment is also crucially important in the context of dealing with volatility because normally investment expenditure is nonrecurrent while consumption expenditure tends to grow year after year, frequently as a function of population size.
Our preliminary results indicate that we will be able to achieve significant improvements through combinations of ICM strategies, especially when there is high demand and during nonrecurrent congestion.
3) with late, nonrecurrent fetal loss (Lancet 2003; 361:901-8).
For example, some expressed frustration with the amount of time it has taken to receive guidance and responses to questions from HHS, particularly related to qualifying subsidized employment and short-term, nonrecurrent benefit expenditures.
Estate, inheritance, gift taxes, and other nonrecurrent taxes on property are classified as capital transfers.