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(ˌnɒn rɪˈdi mə bəl)

1. not redeemable, as for payment: nonredeemable soda bottles.
2. not able to be improved or compensated for: evil, nonredeemable behavior.
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Redeemable and nonredeemable noncontrolling interests
dollar, which had already been made nonredeemable in gold for American citizens by President Franklin Roosevelt, was now essentially also nonredeemable by foreign governments as well, even though it remained the world's reserve currency.
They can unilaterally increase their assets to fund such insurance claims by issuing liabilities in the form of nonredeemable currency.
As with Economy, we are pushing off nonredeemable IOUs onto the future.
nonredeemable Call price high Call price low and/or callable and/or callable long term soon Voting vs.
To further confirm that all the convertible preferred stock is redeemable, another Compustat data item, nonredeemable preferred stock (data item A209), is collected.
The REMIC rules require the defeasance collateral to consist of direct, noncallable and nonredeemable securities or certificates of deposit that are issued by either the United States of America or any of its instrumentalities or guaranteed as to principal and interest by the U.
He can tell you what people drink (Coke, Bud and Bud Light are big) and he can spot a nonredeemable a mile away.