a.1.Not possessing or holding slaves; as, a nonslaveholding State.
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Monroe's handling of the Missouri Crisis was not merely an articulation of a politics "above" parties; his studied pragmatism also reflected a deep strategic understanding of the consequences that would be wrought if a party schism pitting slaveholding against nonslaveholding states emerged from an unsatisfactory settlement of the standoff.
various definitions of the yeomanry have been presented over the years, ranging from nonslaveholding farmers to small slaveholding ones.
Abolitionists argued that the slave system degraded nonslaveholding whites by impairing their ability to find work at livable wages.
She follows the discussion of these nineteenth-century proslavery novels with their historical context in a chapter titled "The Background that Belies the Myth: The Historical Record that Helps Explain the Preponderance of Nonslaveholding Proslavery Women Authors.
White indentured servants would ultimately be replaced by slaves, but slavery also contributed to an inequality in the white population because poor nonslaveholding whites were at a distinct disadvantage in competing with planters who were able to employ slave labor.
Similarly, as he took up moral opposition to slavery, he did not claim that Northerners in the nonslaveholding states were morally superior to Southerners.
The Plan's authors were looking for a way of running a twelve-hundred-mile line through MEC border conferences that embraced both nonslaveholding areas and parts of the slave states of Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Missouri.
Marple aimed the longer parts of his sermon more directly at the general, nonslaveholding public, To convince them that Peter's story contained moral lessons for all, Marple emphasized that Peter was not just an unusual slave, corrupted by indulgent masters, but a human, sharing common traits with whites and blacks.
Dykstra, Bright Radical Star: Black Freedom and White Supremacy on the Hawkeye Frontier Passim (1993) (telling the story of the struggle for black suffrage in Iowa); Tom LeRoy McLaughlin, Popular Reactions to the Idea of Negro Equality in Twelve Nonslaveholding States, 1846-1869: A Quantitative Analysis 37-38 tbl.
Nonslaveholding homesteaders initially chose not to grow cotton but as the pioneer economy disappeared with the depletion of animals for trapping and land for grazing, they too became involved in its small-scale production.
1) With great skill and insight, Harris untangled the complex webs of antebellum Southern community life to explain why nonslaveholding whites followed slaveholders into a war to protect slavery.
What held this centre together was the conviction that elitist rule, once shorn of the politically suicidal extremes to which a Rhett would push it, offered the planter class its only hope of both winning the war and maintaining control over the nonslaveholding majority.