n.1.(Bot.) The goat's beard, whose flowers close at midday.
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In early December 1969 the higher ground within the much-burnt northern edge of this saltings carried Salt Tussock Austrostipa stipoides over Beaded Glasswort Sarcocornia quinqueflora, Thick-headed Glasswort Sarcocornia blackiana, Trailing Hemichroa Hemichroa pentandra and Rounded Noon-flower Disphyma crassifolium subsp.
Trailing Hemichroa was the sparse dominant and Rounded Noon-flower was encroaching on the partly-bare ground.
Just into the northern end of the Saltings, in the gaps between the dominant bushes of the Samphire Sclerostegia arbuscula, Prickly Arrowgrass grew amongst Trailing Hemichroa, Beaded Glasswort thinned by dying back, and Rounded Noon-flower.