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every opportunity to raise money, every chance to present themselves falsely as good citizens or as a peaceful democratic party must be closed off - and that includes Noraid.
The group's US fund raiser is New York lawyer Martin Galvin, who was once a prominent figure in Noraid which raised money for Sinn Fein and IRA prisoners at the height of the Troubles.
Perhaps he is counting on an American audience among supporters of NORAID.
19) The activities of Noraid were not supported by the Irish government, which had very quickly become committed to constitutional approaches to resolving the problem, and which saw the IRA and its growing strength and success as threats.
Keats said, "IPS can't survive on the income from sales," so it engages in development projects like the training of journalists, supported by government organizations like the Canadian Inter, national Development Agency or Noraid of the Scandinavian countries, or the European Union, which finances training programs in Africa and Arabic countries.
Mr O'Baoigill was a cartoonist for The Irish People, the newspaper of pro-IRA group Noraid.
Already, they have received the backing of influential Irish American groups like the Ancient Order of Hibernians, the Irish American Unity Conference and NorAid.
But if this is to be worldwide war against all terrorism, has he or will he freeze the accounts of Noraid, who are the US arm of the IRA?
George now tells me that the Republican Party in the USA is attacking Clinton for allowing the IRA to collect through Noraid and other groups money which was probably used to buy explosives and arms.
If only NORAID and other sympathisers overseas could have understood that
Martin Galvin, a former director with the Irish-American Noraid group which helped support Sinn Fein during the conflict, was among the crowd.
Former Noraid chief Martin Galvin said republicans were outraged that Sinn Fein had decided to accept the PSNI.