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Noun1.Norbert Wiener - United States mathematician and founder of cybernetics (1894-1964)
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Hulbert introduces us to 15-year-old Norbert Wiener and 11-year-old William Sidis, both sons of highly accomplished Russian Jews, who were admitted to Harvard University in the early 20th century.
They were opinions from the late 1940s of one of the pioneers of the information age, Norbert Wiener, known as the father of cybernetics.
That it could be all these things and not be wholly incoherent is a testament to the genius of its creator, the mathematician and philosopher Norbert Wiener.
He goes on to illustrate this by pointing to an exchange between MIT professor and cybernetics pioneer, Norbert Wiener, to then-United Auto Workers president, Walter Reuther.
In chapter 1 ("Archiving: Temporality, Storage, and Interactivity in Cybernetics"), the author commences with a definition of cybernetics that was developed by the mathematician Norbert Wiener and his colleagues at MIT and defines the term as "a science of control or prediction of future action" accordingly (p.
During the 1920 period, Norbert Wiener was the first to give a mathematical definition of Brownian motion.
parc Georges Besse Arche Btti 2, 115 alle Norbert Wiener
In the 1940s, the father of 'cybernetics,' Norbert Wiener, worried about what thinking machines meant for the human employees who would have to compete with them.
El Libro 2 es un mandato respecto de la necesidad de estudiar los conceptos de las teorias de Claude Shannon y de Norbert Wiener, desarrolladas en Estados Unidos durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial y divulgadas desde fines de los 40 (2).
Its founder, the mathematician Norbert Wiener, brought about a revolution, announcing his new science in 1948 after having worked on the problem of destroying enemy airplanes (Galison, 1994).
Famous mathematician Norbert Wiener once published a novel under the nom de plume of W.
In 1948, Norbert Wiener, former child prodigy and the father of cybernetics, wrote a letter to Walter Reuther, president of the United Auto Workers Union, in which he ominously warned that the future combination of machines and computers would yield an "apparatus that would lead to the factory without employees, as, for example, the automatic automobile assembly line .