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(German ˈnɔrdau)
(Biography) Max Simon (maks ˈziːmɔn), original name Max Simon Südfeld. 1849–1923, German author, born in Hungary; a leader of the Zionist movement


(ˈnɔr daʊ)

Max Simon, 1849–1923, Hungarian author, physician, and Zionist leader.
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Nordau and Lombroso would so classify him, and qua criminal he is of an imperfectly formed mind.
Nordau believed that Jews had devolved into the stereotype of the myopic and weak Jew, the same stereotype that Hitler believed, and muskeljudentum was the antidote.
Degenerationists such as Max Nordau and the alienist who founded Britain's premier psychiatric institution, Henry Maudsley, were as irresistibly in vogue among the intelligentsia of the time as, say, Edward Said at a later date.
Nordau lamentaba que en las obras del noruego Henrik Ibsen la mujer fuera siempre "el ser inteligente, fuerte y valiente" y el hombre "el tonto y cobarde", y anadia en referencia a la primera: "El vinculo del matrimonio no la ata.
Nineteenth century Zionist Nordau called for a "new Jewish body" produced through "sport" and "exercise" in order to combat the "inherent neurological weak\ nesses of the Jew" (Gilman 53-4)- This discourse allowed the Jewish subject to shed physical stereotypes of Jewishness (such as a sick and feeble body) and identify instead with the dominant category of "white" masculinity (a muscular body).
Zionism and the Fin de Siecle: Cosmopolitanism and Nationalism from Nordau to Jabotinsky.
Cesare Lombroso and his followers had equated genius with degeneracy, to the point that the two had become almost synonymous, and Max Nordau, in his massive 1894 study, Degeneration, had studied and classified musicians, poets, novelists, painters and philosophers of the period, and their creations, in terms of the pathologies of artistic modernity.
Art was often seen as "unmanly," coded with the pejorative connotations of homosexuality, decadence, and under the influence of Max Nordau, biological degeneration (Hennegan 172).
The theoretical terrain is also expanded, with references to Frantz Fanon and Max Nordau and the formation of the concept of nation as an organic body.
Es lo que un critico de la orbita de Nordau dice: "Es necesario que no se haga arte por el arte, pues nuestro siglo exige a sus artistas, no solo que sientan, sino tambien que piensen.
In 1898, on the fiftieth anniversary of Jewish emancipation in Piedmont, at the invitation of a group of Jewish students, the writer and fervent Zionist Max Nordau wrote an article on Italian Jews in which he stated: 'Up to 1848 [.
In his writings, intended to combat decadence in European culture, Nordau stressed the importance of human reason in social progress.