Normal equations

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(Method of Least Squares) a set of equations of the first degree equal in number to the number of unknown quantities, and derived from the observations by a specified process. The solution of the normal equations gives the most probable values of the unknown quantities.

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9) corresponds to the normal equations of the matrix operator
Y = a+bx where a and b are constants whose values were obtained using normal equations.
17) are normal equations, so they can be solved by cholesky factorization.
The normal equation for computing [DELTA]y is a positive definite and symmetric matrix but the normal equation for computing [DELTA]x is not symmetric.
The game might still be drawn although with a match run rate of over four per over, normal equations are inapplicable.
A],) are canceled out from the Normal equations by shifting the given data to the origin (i.
Note: The values of (a) and (b) obtained from the Normal equations correspond to a minimum value for the quadratic function Q(a,b) given by equation (4), as can be easily demonstrated by using the optimization methodology of differential calculus for functions of two independent variables.
Hudson of the CSIRO Computing Research Section wrote the sub-routine for solution of the normal equations, based on the method of Cholesky.
With the equation in this form, there are two more coefficients to be estimated than there are independent normal equations.
Our work to implement a direct solver for normal equations [8] is an extension of those efforts.