Normal group

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(Geol.) a group of rocks taken as a standard.

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I worked with The Beatles from the early days, so I suppose in many ways, they were a normal group of lads to me, I got to see the 'everyday' side to them.
I played once in a qualification game for Munich, so this is different to normal group games, but our first goal is to have a good result in the first leg.
Mapstone and his associates identified a set of 10 metabolites that comprised phosphatidylcholines, lysophosphatidylcholine, and acylcarnitines, which were each found at much lower levels in the plasma of the converter group before conversion than in the plasma of the cognitively normal group.
The researchers also observed that while neurogranin increased slightly over time in the cognitively normal group, it did not in those with MCI or Alzheimer's.
Steers were allocated randomly to either the normal group or dietary restriction group (DR; 80% of the intake of the normal group) for 8 months during the growing stage.
Mr Annis said: "We have found clear evidence of a mass burial and not a normal group of graves.
Among the normal group, 7 percent developed the blood cancer diseases, which was about the same rate as other types of cancers, it said.
Of course, that form doesn't suggest he's up to winning a normal Group 3 but you have to think this could fall apart and, Telescope aside, look at the opposition.
We've found that there is no caloric compensation in a normal group of eaters," study author Dr.
Clubs voted for this exciting change to the normal group structure and some top level all-action cricket in a vibrant atmosphere is in store with bumper crowds expected for games carrying local derby interest - and every single game crucial to a team's standing in the final rankings and ultimate qualification.
Sm was weakly correlated to heart rate only in the normal group but not in the combined cohort.