Normal place

(Astron.) the apparent place in the heavens of a planet or comet at a specified time, the place having been determined by a considerable number of observations, extending perhaps over many days, and so combined that the accidental errors of observation have largely balanced each other.
- Lyell.

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Commenting on the ongoing demonstrations, President Michel Aoun Wednesday said "the normal place for solving political disputes is in the constitutional institution, not in the streets," while Berri played down fears the crisis would lead to his Amal Movement's ministers withdrawing from the Cabinet.
It's important to realise that we are kidding ourselves if we think the parliament is a normal place of work.
They have also illegally revoked the residence permits of 250,000 Palestinians living in their own normal place of residence in the occupied West Bank and Gaza and more than 14,000 in occupied East Jerusalem.
Our aim is to put Ismaily SC in it's normal place as a top team in Egypt, and our plan focuses on rebuilding the soccer team with young, talented players," Desabre's new assistant said to Egypt Today.
For his part, Mufti of Jordan Abdul Karim Al-Khasawnah condemned the Madinah incident and other bombings in the Kingdom, adding that the terrorist thought never distinguishes between a holy and normal place.
A place which isn't his or her normal place but one in which those who speak from different musical traditions can learn to speak together.
The organization "hopes to persuade studios to represent Negroes according to their normal place in the world.
Dead-heat rules were erroneously being applied, but the place part of the bet, at a quarter the odds as it was a 12-runner handicap, was to finish in the first three and both horses were in the first three, so it should have been normal place terms, less the track's ten per cent deduction.
The defendants' lawyer, Mohamed Ramadan, told Daily News Egypt: "They are now in Al-Labban police station, which is not their normal place of detention.
The ambassador said Bahrain and all brotherly and friendly countries will never procrastinate to participate in any contribution or demonstration of support to restore Egypt to its normal place, praising the honourable stances of Egypt and its people towards Bahrain's and Gulf region's security, citing Egypt's big leading role in the service of the Arab and Islamic nations and their just causes and boosting the Arab cooperation march.
I liked the idea of taking a grand cinematic idea like time travel and relocating it to a normal place in North Birmingham.
Differences -- as long as they are political -- should be dealt with in the normal place, which is parliament," he said.