Normal spectrum

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a representation of a spectrum arranged upon conventional plan adopted as standard, especially a spectrum in which the colors are spaced proportionally to their wave lengths, as when formed by a diffraction grating.

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Outside the normal spectrum display has colored spectrogram and occurrence frequency (persistence / densityview / digitalphosphor) display
Dr Angela Hassiotis said: "People in the lower end of the normal spectrum are more likely to consider themselves not happy.
SmartWatch[TM], a wearable device that detects excessive movements outside the normal spectrum, sends alerts and records events for later review
Essentially the company is planning to produce materials with a wider than normal spectrum of applications, so fewer grades will be needed.
Rather than the normal spectrum of colors, thermographic users see hot and cold bodies within a range of red to blue depending on their temperature.
So, given the normal spectrum of intellectual, political, ethnic, moral, and ethical diversity to be found in a barracks--let alone a regiment--why is there such heavy resistance to the addition of one more element--sexual preference--to that spectrum?
In both cases, patients achieved a definitive diagnosis through the identification of genetic mutations far outside the normal spectrum of genetic testing.