Norman Rockwell

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Noun1.Norman Rockwell - United States illustrator whose works present a sentimental idealized view of everyday life (1894-1978)
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I mean, you go to that Norman Rockwell museum and walk around all those paintings up there in Stockbridge, and you know, this is a timeless part of our heritage," Kinkade says.
PHOTO Storyteller Jim Woodard will speak about the life and career of veteran illustrator Norman Rockwell.
Although originally thought of as mere advertising "paper" -- temporary and disposable -- many of these posters were designed by some of the most famous and talented artists and illustrators of their day, masters such as Norman Rockwell, James Montgomery Flagg, John Held Jr.
He may not be the Norman Rockwell, but his talent in writing is as superior as the famous artist Norman.
be on display at the world-famous Norman Rockwell Museum in
Organized by the Reagan Library in partnership with the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Mass.
For the first time in this country's history, approximately 125 pieces of original postage stamp art from the past 40 years will be on display at the world-famous Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Mass.
Was Norman Rockwell a true artist or merely a highly skilled illustrator?
For more than 60 years, Norman Rockwell, known as America's most beloved illustrator, created poignant, often humorous depictions of American life that graced the covers of The Saturday Evening Post, Look magazine and other national publications.
To see more Saturday Evening Post covers by Norman Rockwell, visit: www.