North-West Frontier Province

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North-West Frontier Province

(Placename) a province in N Pakistan between Afghanistan and Jammu and Kashmir: part of British India from 1901 until 1947; of strategic importance, esp for the Khyber Pass. Capital: Peshawar. Pop: 20 170 000 (2003 est). Area: 74 522 sq km (28 773 sq miles)

North′-West` Frontier′ Prov`ince

a province in NW Pakistan. 14,340,000; 28,773 sq. mi. (74,522 sq. km). Cap.: Peshawar.
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The cooperation aims at increasing Telenor Pakistan's network coverage and capacity in most of Punjab, North-West Frontier Province, Pakistan Administered Kashmir and northern regions of Pakistan, including the capital city of Islamabad.

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