Northern Baptist Convention

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Noun1.Northern Baptist Convention - an association of Northern Baptists
association - a formal organization of people or groups of people; "he joined the Modern Language Association"
Northern Baptist - a member of the American Baptist Convention
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At the Northern Baptist Convention meeting at Chicago in May 1910, Rauschenbusch spoke on "The Freedom of Spiritual Religion.
20) Meredith also understood the creation of the Southern Baptist Convention in 1845 as a split between slaveholders and abolitionists--a drastic misrepresentation of the Northern Baptist Convention, which saw the abolitionist faction leave in 1844.
In the early twentieth century, as fundamentalists and modernists squared off in the Northern Baptist Convention, the Presbyterian Church U.
The American Baptist Churches, USA, the former Northern Baptist Convention, practically the only Baptist body without a standard confession, incorporates a far broader theological spectrum than other bodies and is far more ecumenical toward other Christians.
In West Virginia nearly all the Baptists belonged to churches affiliated with the Northern Baptist Convention.
Whereas in 1921 Helen Barrett Montgomery was elected president of the Northern Baptist Convention, (16) no females were considered for elected positions in the SBC.
Mobley's chapter on Montgomery's stint as president of the Northern Baptist Convention amid the fundamentalist-modernist conflict is helpful and adds to the literature on the topic.
As early as 1846, numerous missionary societies provided support for black missionaries, including the Southern Baptist Convention, the Northern Baptist Convention, the Lott Carey Convention, and the National Baptist Convention.
In 1905, multiple, often overlapping, Northern Baptist agencies and societies merged into one: the Northern Baptist Convention.
7) Helen Barrett Montgomery, the first woman president of the Northern Baptist Convention, highlighted her views on religion and government in 1921 while a candidate for the public school board in Rochester, New York.
Deborah Van Broekhoven describes helpful and little known information on the relationship between Mack Baptists and the Northern Baptist Convention.
The purpose of this article is to shed new light on Montgomery's personal theological views during her 1921-22 term as president of the Northern Baptist Convention (NBC).

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