Nose around

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v. look around or search, especially where one has no authority to do so; to pry; to be nosy. Same as nose{2}, v. i.
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QUETTA: National Accountability Bureau Balochistan has started tightening nose around the culprits involved in corruption and shred a list of the proclaimed offenders with agencies and other relevant department for their early arrest.
He also directed Station House Officer to keep vigil eye on suspected elements and tighten the nose around outlaws specially those involved in drugs selling and pushing.
IBut there are only two of them left and chances are they'll be snapped up soon as people are being invited to have a nose around the showhome.
So it's perfectly fitting that it is Mary who visits these awfully British homes, has a nose around the rooms, meets the families who keep them going, and of course, investigates the food situation.
As always, Alex and Steph have a nose around, gasping at the sight of stacks of designer jeans, racks of mens shoes and kitchen cupboards full of glassware.
TREAT Have afternoon tea at the Waldorf Astoria for a nose around this luxurious hotel.
JONES: I keep my dog on a lead on pavements but I let her off when going round Alyn Waters so she can have a good run and a good nose around.
Pet rabbits that could be affected by rabbit fleas are also at very high risk - rabbit owners who also have a dog or cat that hunts wild rabbits (or foxes that visit the garden and nose around rabbit hutches) must be particularly careful, in case rabbit fleas are brought back to the pet bunny.
com/store/products/ayoob-files-1985-2011 and nose around.
PHILIP Glenister has revealed he once sneaked on to the Coronation Street set with pal Amanda Holden for a nose around.
We've already had a nose around this car and know that it has 345bhp and four-wheel drive but the big news to come out of Frankfurt is that it will do 0-62mph in 4.
BUNER -- Elders of the area have extended all out support to Daggar police against crimes and criminals especially narcotics trade, gambling, pick pocketing and adultery and hoped Station House Officer would further tight nose around anti social elements.