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Noun1.nonprofit organization - an organization chartered for other than profit-making activities
organization, organisation - the act of organizing a business or an activity related to a business; "he was brought in to supervise the organization of a new department"
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Not-for-profit organizations and governments have had to innovate their operations, and, perhaps as a direct result, they are facing increasing risks and uncertainties.
NEOnet), is accepting applications to help remote businesses and not-for-profit organizations secure high-speed Internet.
FASB has issued two exposure drafts on accounting and disclosures for mergers and acquisitions by not-for-profit organizations.
IDA will also provide financing assistance to help a real estate developer build a retail complex parking garage in East Harlem and two not-for-profit organizations expand in Brooklyn and the Bronx.
The examples have been adapted from actual examples of audited financial statements of not-for-profit organizations whose names and other identifying information have been changed.
On March 1, 2005, the AICPA offered additional input to a Senate Finance Committee (SFC) staff discussion document released last summer, which included proposals for reforms and best practices for not-for-profit organizations (NPOs).
White not-for-profit organizations aren't currently required to issue financial reporting and control certifications, many are assessing the costs, risks, and benefits of doing so.
Timothy Novotny and Donna Sciarappa, members of The Ohio Society of CPAs, introduced a new program: A Scorecard for Not-For-Profit Organizations.
Because not-for-profit organizations customarily do not operate with large shortfalls or resort to bankruptcy, Polniaszek predicts facilities will cut clerical staff or shut down units to stay in the black.
HCR Manor Care Foundation, a leading owner and operator of long-term care facilities in the United States, has awarded grants totaling $101,398 to five not-for-profit organizations dedicated to services, education, or research on behalf of seniors.
The primary purpose of financial statements is to provide relevant information to meet the common interest of donors, members, creditors and others who provide resources to not-for-profit organizations.
New accounting standards released last summer by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) are significantly changing the way not-for-profit organizations account for charitable contributions.