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1. A small stunted ear of corn.
2. A small stunted or projecting part.

[From nub.]


chiefly US and Canadian something small or undeveloped, esp a fruit or ear of corn
[C19: diminutive of nub]


(ˈnʌb ɪn)

1. a small lump or stunted piece; stub.
2. a small or imperfect ear of corn.
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Noun1.nubbin - a small nub (especially an undeveloped fruit or ear of corn)
nub, stub - a small piece; "a nub of coal"; "a stub of a pencil"
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50), bobbing with nubbins of silky bone marrow and whose depths were obscured by a scattering of chives, also could have done with a twist of the salt mill.
The black polymer grip insert, in addition to just looking cool, sports little nubbins on the rear aspect for an improved grip.
She'll expose nubbins of coral to acidifying water or increasing temperatures in a petri dish.
Since the teeth were already dead, they could be ground down to little nubbins," said Reisz.
3 observed that 71% of the 291 patients with upper-extremity transverse deficiency had soft tissue nubbins at the end of their amputations.
Whereas shirttails were cut off in "I missed" ceremonies, I was forced to eat my camp meals with a special fork on which the "fingers" all had been ground down to nubbins.
Where Staffel has layered strips and nubbins of clay onto the underlying form, their opaque shapes bring us back to the tangible surface.
She said when Stephens took over, the staff was cut "to the nubbins.
Microscopically, it shows two or three cell thick anastomosing strands of basaloid or squamous cells ending in small nubbins of peripherally palisaded cells.
The uterosacral sutures are placed into the superior nubbins on the lateral side of the graft and are held, and the prespinous (iliococcygeus) sutures of #0 Ethibond are placed through the graft's lower nubbins and held.