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a.1.Of or pertaining to numeration; as, a numerative system.
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These two hamburgers Numerative These two delicious hamburgers Epithet These two delicious MacDonald's hamburgers Classifier These two delicious MacDonald's hamburgers with extra cheese.
Also make a number of sets of nominal group cards (Deictic, Numerative, Epithet, Classifier, Thing, Qualifier).
Sims-Williams (1979: 339-42) has convincingly derived the Sogdian numerative of light stems from the PIr.
Such a principle must be infinitely unitive and also infinitely numerative.
That allows access to the tools of a highly evolved approach to stats-based punting on the Flat and all-weather, introducing ideas like "impact values"-a numerative representation of trend significance-which form little part of standard UK racing chat to date.
40) The two high stone Structures: logical Premodifier experiential Deictic Numerative Epithet Classifier Classes Determiner Numeral Adjective Noun walls along the Structures: roadside logical Head Postmodifier experiential Thing Qualifier [Prepositional Classes Noun Group]