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n.1.(Paleon.) A genus of extinct Tertiary Foraminifera, having a thin, flat, round shell, containing a large number of small chambers arranged spirally.
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They are gray to green and contain benthic (miliolids, Nummulites, Neorotalia, Elphidium, Operculina, Amphistegina and textularids) and planktonic (Paragloborotalia mayeri and Globigerina spp.
The presence of large nummulites and lepidocyclinids represents that this microfacies took place in relatively deep water and was formed in the lower photic/oligophotic zone in the distal middle ramp [35,36,43,53,33,32, 30,50,56,11,48,9,10,57].
He described the Thebes Formation as massive to laminated limestone with flint bands or nodules and marl rich with Nummulites and planktonic foraminifera.
in this microfacies a subfacies has been identified, namely Nummulites /Orbitolites bioclast pelloidal packstone.
Abundant pelloid along with Orbitolites and Miliolids and with a lower amount Nummulites and mudsupported facies, proposed the deposition in the lagoonal environments.
Nummulites are samples of these creatures which expanded greatly and known as kings of carbonate platforms.