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 (nən-chä′ko͞o) or nun·chuck (nŭn′chŭk′) or num·chuck (nŭm′-)
n. often nunchakus or nunchucks or numchucks
A pair of hardwood sticks joined by a chain or cord and used as a weapon.

[Okinawan Japanese, probably from Taiwanese neng-cak, a type of farm implement : neng, two, paired (akin to Mandarin liǎng, from Middle Chinese liaŋ´) + cak, chisel (akin to Mandarin záo, chisel, from Middle Chinese dzak).]


1. (Martial Arts (other than Judo & Karate) & Combat Sports) martial arts
a. a throwing weapon consisting of two sticks linked loosely with a chain or fine rope
b. (as modifier): nunchaku weapons.
2. (Martial Arts (other than Judo & Karate) & Combat Sports) (as modifier): nunchaku weapons.


(nʌnˈtʃɑ ku)

n., pl. -kus.
Sometimes, nunchakus. an Oriental hand weapon consisting of two sticks joined by a chain or cord.
Also called nun-chucks (ˈnʌnˌtʃʌks)
[1965–70; < Japanese]
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The two brothers meet when Samir shows up at the door of a subterranean nightclub and is denied entry by two of Omar's colleagues -- one of them hilariously wielding nunchakus (a martial arts weapon from the Bruce Lee era).
He has broken several records using a wide range of martial arts weapons such as fire staff, nunchakus and his own elbows.
The use of nunchakus originated in Okinawa, Japan, when the Japanese government banned all weapons on the island and locals were forced to adapt farming tools in order to defend themselves.
Walker assaulted his mother, Geraldine Walker, 67, with nunchakus, a martial arts weapon.
Omid Shirazi, 37, of Harnall Lane West, Foleshill, admitted having offensive weapons, namely a pair of nunchakus and an air pistol, in public, and possessing methadone.
Other tests which they had to master included 11 kata technical demos, free sparring and weapons challenges involving nunchakus and staffs.
Read on to see how they are shredding stereotypes with their nunchakus and light sabers.
There was no law against carrying nunchakus--so the California Attorney-General issued an opinion that a nunchaku was a form of blackjack, and therefore prohibited under California Penal Code [section] 12020.
27 by donning his trademark yellow jumpsuit and performing with nunchakus - two-stick weapons he popularized in the West.
Knives, machetes, nunchakus (numchucks), whips, swords and any number of other armaments have been found and confiscated during regular searches of the detainee shelters.
In a single raid on a house the previous year, officers seized 79 nunchakus - the martial arts weapon made famous by action heroes such as Bruce Lee.
Brandishing a pair of nunchakus, an Oriental weapon, Chambers, watched by a laughing Storey, covered the cowering victim in WD40, before trying to set him on fire.