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n.1.Same as Nupson.
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The NUP and the RNM parties said in a joint statement following a "consultative" meeting in Khartoum that "we declare our rejection of attempts by the NCP and its allies to control the meeting procedures".
He criticized the prolonged presence of the NUP leader al-Sadiq al-Mahdi abroad saying he has no excuse for that.
The chair of the Sudanese Civil Society Organisations, Amin Mekki Madani, has already arrived in Paris with a representative of the National Consensus Forces, Mohamed Mahgoub, while the SPLM-N leadership is expected to arrive on Monday as well as the NUP leader Sadiq al-Mahadi.
The minister was keen to describe the NUP as an opposition party based outside Sudan, despite the fact that all the party's leadership members are inside the country, except its leader al-Mahdi who is into self-imposed exile in Cairo after the signing of Paris declaration in August 2014.
Sudan's ruling National Congress Party (NCP) officials officials held several meetings with the NUP leader to convince him to resume its participation in the national dialogue after suspending it as a result of his arrest for one month in June 2014.
The NUP officials said the NCP's insistence on holding the dialogue according to its own agenda represents a real threat to stability in Sudan and the region, adding it would waste chances for achieving peace and political solution.
The NUP leader left the country in August 2014 after a month in jail over remarks he made against the government militia known as the Rapid Support Force (RSF).
The NUP leader said at the time that he asked the UNSC to seek a solution which achieves either punitive justice or preventive justice, pointing that failure of the UNSC to act upon the prosecutor's request would mean failure to achieve justice and abandonment of international responsibility
However, the PPAC, on Sunday, rejected NISS's request, saying it must be proven that the NUP had effectively violated the constitution as it claimed by the NISS.
The "Sudan Call" forces entrusted the rebel umbrella Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) and NUP to represent them at this preparatory conference.
The NUP said in a statement on Sunday that opposition forces will not be deterred by these repressive practices, stressing they will continue to mobilize the masses to boycott elections.
The NUP was reacting to reports released in Khartoum about a series of meetings in Cairo between the party's leader Sadiq al-Mahdi and his son Abdel-Rahman who joined the NCP-led government and appointed as a presidential assistant.