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n. pl. Nuristani or Nu·ri·sta·nis
1. A member of an Indo-Iranian people inhabiting Nuristan.
2. Any of the Indo-Iranian languages spoken by the Nuristani.
3. A subbranch of the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European language family consisting of the languages of the Nuristani.


(ˌnʊər əˈstɑ ni, -ˈstæn i)

n., pl. -nis.
1. a native or inhabitant of Nuristan.
2. a group of languages spoken in Nuristan.
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Nuristani did not disclose further details regarding the figures of the votes each candidate secured following the conclusion of the audit and invalidation process.
In talks with reporters, Nuristani categorically said that the audit process of the ballot boxes will be concluded Sunday and the final results of the polls will be announced within days.
Nuristani said the commission had received a request from Abdullah's camp to review ballot papers from more than 7,000 polling stations on suspicion of fraud, which could significantly alter the result if recounted.
Keywords: Romani history, Nuristani, Dardic, West Pahari, Indo-Aryan, linguistic borrowing.
But while Nuristani said that a mistake by US forces may have caused the deaths, he said the incident was "inexcusable because [the US] knew that .
They included two women, two children, workers and shopkeepers travelling in two pick-up vehicles," Nuristani said.
Ahmad Yusuf Nuristani, Afghanistan's minister of irrigation, water resources, and environment, told the BBC News for its 7 February 2003 online edition, "The report makes it clear how conflict causes environmental destruction" He noted interlocking forces: people fight over scarce natural resources, and their conflict depletes those resources further.
Ahmad Yusuf Nuristani, Afghan Minister of Irrigation, Water Resources and Environment, told environment ministers attending a Nairobi meeting of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Governing Council that 99 percent of the country's wetlands have dried up since 1998.
Karzai's spokesman, Yusuf Nuristani, said the leader would return with him tomorrow.
Yusuf Nuristani, a spokesman for the interim Afghan administration, said the government had allocated the equivalent of pounds 420,000 for immediate assistance, and pledged pounds 100 to the families of those killed and pounds 60 to those injured.
Main picture, Yusuf Nuristani, spokesman for Afghanistan's interim administratio, indicates the area hit by the quake.
We believe the Taliban are going to collapse, so the way for the convening would be tabled,' said an aide to the monarch, Yusuf Nuristani.