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n. pl. Nuristani or Nu·ri·sta·nis
1. A member of an Indo-Iranian people inhabiting Nuristan.
2. Any of the Indo-Iranian languages spoken by the Nuristani.
3. A subbranch of the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European language family consisting of the languages of the Nuristani.


(ˌnʊər əˈstɑ ni, -ˈstæn i)

n., pl. -nis.
1. a native or inhabitant of Nuristan.
2. a group of languages spoken in Nuristan.
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Department of the Treasury designated James Alexander McLintock, Al-Rahmah Welfare Organization, Abdul Aziz Nuristani, the Jamia Asariya Madrassa, Naveed Qamar, and Muhammad Ijaz Safarash, as Specially Designated Global Terrorists (SDGTs) pursuant to Executive Order (E.
Riyadh, Jumada II 22, 1437, Mar 31, 2016, SPA -- The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United States of America have jointly took action to disrupt the fundraising and support networks for terrorist purposes by imposing sanctions on four individuals and two organizations as follows (James Alexander McLintock, Al-Rahmah Welfare Organization, Abdul Aziz Nuristani, the Jamia Asariya Madrassa, Naveed Qamar, and Muhammad Ijaz Safarash) in accordance with Executive Order (E.
Ahmad Yousuf Nuristani, who has repeatedly accused the government of meddling in the electoral process, stepped down two years after he was accused of failing to prevent fraud in a bitterly disputed presidential ballot.
Another resident, Rasikh Nuristani, told Pajhwok Afghan News that many patients had died on their way to hospital to Laghman province due to bad road condition.
The Independent Election Commission (IEC) chief, Ahmad Yousuf Nuristani officially declared Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai as president of Afghanistan after comprehensive vote audit was concluded.
The Independent Election Commission declares Dr Ashraf Ghani as the president, and thus announces the end of election process," commission chief Ahmad Yousaf Nuristani later told reporters.
The announcement Friday of Election Commission Chairman Ahmad Yusuf Nuristani that the audit on the votes in the runoff presidential polls has been completed and that the final results would be announced soon are expected to further aggravate instead of resolving the political crisis in the country, according to analysts.
Meanwhile, the report also quoted the Chief Election Commissioner Ahmad Yusuf Nuristani as stating that the results announced on Monday were not final.
We can not deny fraud and violations in the process," Independent Election Commission (IEC) head Ahmad Yusuf Nuristani told reporters.
Among the topics here are Sindi Sufi poet 'Abd al-Latif (1102-66/1690-1752), the Abkhaz people on the eastern Black Sea coast, the small town of Adhurh in southern Jordan, the most illustrious West African Sufi saint Bamba, The Black Sea, the Dardic and Nuristani languages, fountains in Islamic art and architecture, and ghazw.
Nuristani poet Solaiman Soonara recalls he was the first to go to school at a time when a shepherd was given more respect than a student.
The police officers are alleged to have broken into a bank in Afghanistan's Nuristan province and they are said to have stolen more than USD550,000, General Ghulamullah Nuristani, the provincial police chief, said,