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O level

n. Chiefly British
The earlier of two standardized tests in a secondary school subject.

[O(rdinary) level.]

O′-lev′el adj.


[ˈəʊˌlevl] N (Brit) (Scol) (formerly) =Ordinary levelBUP m
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If O-level students will get preferential treatment then what is going to happen to the students belonging to remote areas like Lodhran and Dera Ghazi Khan.
Tthe United States Navy has awarded DynCorp International (DI) a contract for Naval Test Wing Pacific (NTWP) O-Level Maintenance, the company said.
But although I have no intention of re-sitting biology exams, I have started taking French lessons once more and who knows, I may one day end up slightly mollifying her by obtaining another O-level.
And just as the UAS has transformed the battlefield, multiple-platform, advanced test sets are transforming O-Level and I-Level test for UASs.
Aparna Verma, founder of Dubai Scholars, said she is confident her students are prepared to handle the O-level and A- level examinations, believing that the students have been prepared well by their teachers who have trained and guided them for the last two years.
He hopes, with our help, to add a new dimension to his 32-year-old O-level photography project.
Islamabad -- A nine-year-old Pakistani boy has passed O-Level exam of the Cambridge University, Britain, making history.
Islamabad, Jan 26 ( ANI ): A nine-year-old Pakistani student has made a new world record by passing the O-Level examination of the University of Cambridge.
Mr Hall also says that employers would hire people with the more respected O-level qualifications.
Under plans leaked last week, GCSEs would be scrapped with pupils sitting "explicitly harder" O-level style exams in academic subjects from 2014, with exams for the first time in 2016.
He's got an O-Level in woodwork and a better quad bike.
I have an O-level in Spanish - no, really - but will be calling my race in English.