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The OPIE process acronym indicates the four primary stages of a team project: Open, Plan, Implement, and End.
The contract is graphic design, manufacture and supply of promotional materials for the organization of trainings, consultations, conferences and other information events or participate in them in the performance by CKPS role of Implementing Authority under the second priority axis of OPIE.
Any consideration of the courtship and marriage of the Opies necessarily engages with these intersecting circles of professional arts sociability, encompassing the Godwin-Wollstonecraft circle, the theater world of Thomas Holcroft, Elizabeth Inchbald, and Sarah Siddons, and the Royal Academy Exhibition Halls frequented by John.
Opies has invested over [pounds sterling]100,000 in the project, ensuring that the new facility has the technology in place to create a diverse range of Opies' products for years to come.