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n.1.See Woad.
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2000) proposed that the OAD be decoupled from the interlinked RCD and RLD and always remain fully open.
The official opening of the OAD took place on 11 April 2011 (MNASSA Vol.
Before we launched the OAD, we examined a number of wikis and reached several conclusions.
The survey also showed that 45% had misread a map and got lost, 38% had argued with their partner while at the wheel, and 11% had lost their temper with other drivers while on foreign r oads.
The researchers defined four therapeutic regimens: diet only, insulin only, oral antidiabetic drugs (OADs) only, or OADs plus insulin.
With this method, the OAD is used to perform analysis, and to design and observe perturbational characteristics of the microwave circuit while it is in its converted equivalent optically thin-film circuit state.
Non-functional Piped Water Supply Schemes of VILLAGE OAD Block SONKATCH District DEWAS Including 45 Days Trial Run and 12 Months Operation and Maintenance
The DJ in his report said he had paid surprise visit to different schools at Dhoronaro, Taro Oad and Punhoon Bheel alongwith SP Umerkot, Assistant Commissioner, Umerkot, District Education Officer and official of SEF.
The ceremony included severalactivities presented by children withdisabilities, in addition to showcasing a visual presentation on the OAD activities.
HYDERABAD -- Office-bearers of the Transnational Oad Civil Society Network (TOCSN) were elected here on Sunday.
More often than not, an OAD is chosen for this purpose.
An official in ROP added, the initiatives taken by some companies towards r oad safety awareness are notable and in interest of the public to curb road accidents due to traffic hazards.