Oak Ridge

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Oak Ridge

A city of eastern Tennessee west of Knoxville. Established during World War II as a national research facility, it played a major role in the development of the atomic bomb.

Oak′ Ridge′

a city in E Tennessee, near Knoxville: atomic research center. 27,662.
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The International Friendship Bell is an important symbol of the heritage and future of Oak Ridge, Mason said.
According to the company, the Oak Ridge Townsite refers to the Federal Building, the Office of Scientific and Technical Information, Building 2714 Complex and various locations in the local vicinity.
Oak Ridge said that, with the challenges that community banks have faced following the downturn in the real estate market, Oak Ridge's successful offering demonstrates both the value the firm provides to its clients as well as outstanding investor community support for a leadership of Community Resource Bank.
Oak Ridge said that it has raised USD10m for Minnwest, which included execution of its USD2m over-allotment option.
Naval Ordnance Test Station in Pasadena; taught at UCLA (1965-70) at UCLA; and then joined the fusion program in Oak Ridge.
In the team category another $100,000 grand prize scholarship was divided equally three ways and awarded to Arcangeli, Horton and Molony, all seniors at Oak Ridge High School, for developing a technique that could one day help scientists engineer biofuel from plants.
The enriched uranium from Oak Ridge fueled the bomb that devastated Hiroshima and ended World War II.
Magee during his detention at Oak Ridge, the maximum security division at Penetanguishene.
On the other hand, Goyal says, companies in Japan and Germany are pursuing a wire-making process compatible with the Oak Ridge advance.
Last June, to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the event, Oak Ridge held a "Secret City Festival," which featured, among other attractions, the opening to the public of Y-12's Beta-3 building, which had been used during the war to separate isotopes, and which still contains crates bearing the date of the plant's first year in operation.
Oak Ridge School Superintendent Tom Bailey backed up the principal's actions and said the feature about tattoos and body piercing, which featured a photo of an unnamed student showing a tattoo that the student's parents didn't know about was one concern, and the article on birth control needed to be revised so it would be acceptable to the entire student body.
The preferred technology for virus concentration from large volumes was developed by the Joint NIH-AEC Zonal Centrifuge Development Project at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA, and the Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant in the 1960s (4).

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