Oak leather

(Bot.) the mycelium of a fungus which forms leatherlike patches in the fissures of oak wood.

See also: Oak

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Crafted of Hermann Oak leather, saddle skirting steerhide with a proprietary treatment that Bachman is understandably reluctant to share, the test holster's edging, stitching and tooling were impeccable.
While TR uses mostly rough-out, Rick only works with Herman Oak leather, smooth side out, and finishes it with a marvelous color and texture.
Holster makers recognize the name Hermann Oak Leather as the best provided for producing quality holsters and that is exactly what Rick uses.
Rick scrimps on nothing and uses Hermann Oak leather exclusively.
You'll find that the leather used on every Mernickle holster is top-of-the-line, flawless, vegetable tanned, tooling hides from Hermann Oak Leather, the Rolls Royce of leather.
The Herman Oak leather is just the right weight, and Rick set the snap strap at the correct length to allow "condition one" carry.