Oath of abjuration

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an oath asserting the right of the present royal family to the crown of England, and expressly abjuring allegiance to the descendants of the Pretender.
- Brande & C.

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The final barrier to emancipation was the Oath of Abjuration, which was one of the three oaths that had to be taken by an MP before taking his seat in the House of Commons.
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church notes that ecclesiastical sanctuary "had developed out of the usage that a criminal who had taken refuge in a church might not be removed from it, but was allowed to take an oath of abjuration before the coroner and proceed to a seaport appointed by the latter.
He felt constrained to resign his living in 1690 and in 1717 was deprived of his Fellowship because of his refusal to take the oath of abjuration.