Objective line

(Perspective) a line drawn on the geometrical plane which is represented or sought to be represented.

See also: Objective

References in classic literature ?
I feel a terror of action and am only at ease in the impersonal, disinterested, and objective line of thought.
Mr Barton added: 'By law, commercial channels are regulated by Ofcom and have to take an objective line.
In a clumsy effort to not appear condescending, Schwartz comes across, instead, as an observer who has crossed an objective line and adopts a "gee whiz" approach to studying this culture.
That said, filmmaker Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato's insightful documentary on the rise and fall of TV's first sitcom with a lead gay character, The Real Ellen Story, valiantly attempts to walk the objective line with a subject that continues to spark debate inside and outside of gay circles.