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 (ə-blĭg′ə-tôr′ē, ŏb′lĭ-gə-)
1. Of the nature of an obligation; compulsory: Attendance is obligatory. Mathematics is an obligatory course.
2. Required as part of a routine course of action or cultural expectation; predictable: "wearing clothing like basketball shoes, baggy pants, and the obligatory baseball cap" (Tyler Stovall).
3. Biology Obligate.

o·blig′a·to′ri·ly adv.
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Adv.1.obligatorily - in an obligatory manner; "this rule applies obligatorily"
optionally - in an optional manner; "this rule is applied optionally"
2.obligatorily - in a manner that cannot be evadedobligatorily - in a manner that cannot be evaded; "the ministry considers that contributions to such a fund should be met from voluntary donations rather than from rates compulsorily levied."
ألزَم، وَجَّب، حَتَّم
nauîsynlega, óhjákvæmilega
zorunlu olarak


(əˈblaidʒ) verb
1. to force to do something. She was obliged to go; The police obliged him to leave.
2. to do (someone) a favour or service. Could you oblige me by carrying this, please?
obligation (obliˈgeiʃən) noun
a promise or duty. You are under no obligation to buy this.
obligatory (əˈbligətəri) , ((American) əbligəˈto:ri) adjective
compulsory. Attendance at tonight's meeting is obligatory.
oˈbligatorily adverb
oˈbliging adjective
willing to help other people. He'll help you – he's very obliging.
oˈbligingly adverb
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In preparing its price proposal, Each participant must obligatorily indicate a certain product that meets the stara planina standard or bds that it will supply.
The preparations should "not be protracted," Drucker told TASR, adding that based on the results, the state will take due measures: a vaccination calendar may be introduced, for example, threatened groups may be re-vaccinated, or some vaccinations may be covered obligatorily by health insurance.
We have suggested a closed facility where children are admitted obligatorily for their own protection and to ensure their best interest," she said.
Describing the systems studied in their entirety, the author reveals that the establishment of bonds through exchange of gifts preceded trade between those societies, bringing a new way of thinking into economy and morality: "In the Scandinavian civilization, and in many others, exchange and contracts are made in the form of gifts, in theory voluntary, but are in fact obligatorily given and reciprocated" (33).
The possessor of the pronominal possessive construction is frequently coded implicitly, the possessed is obligatorily marked.
Let us first dispense with the obligatorily reproachful throat clearing: Donald Trump was foolish and irresponsible to imply at a Florida pep rally that a terrorist attack had occurred in Sweden the previous evening.
A portion of the pension insurance contributions is obligatorily paid to this pillar by all those employed since 2003 and the participation of all the others is optional.
Do you find Lithuanian employers' commitments stemming from the taxation on employee wages, as well as the administrative burden to obligatorily provide various information and data to state institutions, appropriate?
The law also stipulates that the person in custody must be obligatorily informed by the judicial police of all proceedings against him, including the motives and duration of his detention.
By contrast, obligatory XVS constructions are obligatorily triggered by certain fixed preverbal constituents, and are not replaceable in context by a comparable clause with SVX canonical word-order because this is grammatically unavailable or conveys a different meaning, as illustrated in (2)-(3) (2).
The Mara obligatorily exclusively uses Q-boa to clean the bathroom 'Mara obligatorily exclusively uses Q-boa to clean the bathroom'
But they can accumulate only in so far as they, obligatorily, increase mass consumption.