Oblique line

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(Geom.) a line that, meeting or tending to meet another, makes oblique angles with it.

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The Victoria was then taking an oblique line to the westward.
falling," "atmospheric disturbance, passing in an oblique line over Southern Europe," and "pressure increasing," to very much upset us: and so, finding that he could not make us wretched, and was only wasting his time, he sneaked the cigarette that I had carefully rolled up for myself, and went.
I saw three well-known trees; in front, the bark was worn smooth, as if by the breast of the animal, and on each side there were deep scratches, or rather grooves, extending in an oblique line, nearly a yard in length.
The third sort, is of those that may be accounted the left hands of courts; persons that are full of nimble and sinister tricks and shifts, whereby they pervert the plain and direct courses of courts, and bring justice into oblique lines and labyrinths.
GOAL Keep the feet tracking on the oblique line while your torso turns toward the target.
To determine the correct oblique line of osteotomy, the surgeon places a Kirschner wire directly over the exposed bony surface, instead of over the calcaneal skin as surgeons use to do, (1) in order to avoid possible complications.
In the female larynx, it was present unilaterally on the left oblique line of thyroid lamina.
Forewing light yellow, costal margin tinged slightly with grey, pagina with some irregular brown transverse lines, strongest one from inner side of apical angle to middle of posterior margin, dark brown oblique line starting below apical angle to metagonia, apical angle slightly round, outer margin curved, fringe scales grayish-yellow.
The roof seems to fly away, and the oblique line of the gable responds to the sloped facade of the old gym by blending seamlessly with the slope of its roof.
To be specific, the Doppler locus of a moving target appears as an oblique line in the range Doppler plane due to the range motion, and a coarse range velocity component can be deduced from the slope of the oblique line and radar system parameters.
Cheek with five VT lines; first from below middle of eye to middle of jaws; second incomplete and extending upward from just behind first row, not meeting eye, ending just below or before upper LT line; third interrupted by upper LT line; fourth slightly oblique cut into two parts by upper LT line with upper part nor meeting upper LT line; fifth a short oblique line before infraorbital pore and a vertical section ventrally below upper LT line.