Oblique muscle

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(Anat.) a muscle acting in a direction oblique to the mesial plane of the body, or to the associated muscles; - applied especially to two muscles of the eyeball.

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5 million, seven-year contract with Boston last year after defecting from Cuba, missed two weeks of spring training with a sore oblique muscle.
In this study, a case of snake bite with involvement of the lower oblique muscle was reported.
Steele suffered an abdominal oblique muscle injury at Reading in March and spent two months on the sidelines.
TrPs in the suboccipital muscles were most prevalent (n = 12; 92%), followed by the superior oblique muscle (n = 11/n = 9 right/left side), the upper trapezius muscle (n = 11/n = 6) and the masseter muscle (n = 9/n = 7).
Dubai The Pakistan team have lost another player to injury as left-arm medium pacer Wahab Riaz has been ruled out of the Test series owing to an internal oblique muscle strain.
He damaged an oblique muscle on Saturday and obviously had to go off and we are taking it day by day.
Therefore, the purpose of this study was to compare external oblique muscle activation levels between the bilateral free-weight squat (BS) and the MUS.
The preganglionic parasympathetic fibers of the 3rd nerve which are transported by the nerve to the inferior oblique muscle arrive to the ciliary ganglion and from here the post-ganglionic parasympathetic fibers emerge.
Alex Kountouris, the Australian team physio, said: "The scan revealed he has a small strain in one of his abdominal muscles - the internal oblique muscle.
The scan revealed he has a small strain in one of his abdominal muscles, the internal oblique muscle," Kountouris said.

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