a.1.Between oblong and ovate, but inclined to the latter.
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The leaves are variously lobed and entire, Fruits are oblong-ovate or elliptic, about 5 mm long, with two seeds per pods, seeds are reddish brown, oblong and wingless, [23].
2 cm, 6-14 pairs per lamina, oblong-ovate to deltate, incised 2/3 or less to the costae, bases truncate or round, apices acuminate, margins crenate to slightly serrate, without differentiated marginal cells; costae grooved adaxially, with vertical laminar wings 0.
5 cm stem solely covered by disintegrated old fragments of the leaf sheaths; Leaves fasciculate, persistent and concentrated in the distal portion of the stem, apparently monomorphic except for the shortly triangular, spinose, paleaceous reduced leaves of the renovation shoots; sheaths narrowly oblong-ovate, ca.
Growing up I never thought of it by name nor thought of it at all till it began to die, though even that took time, slow meditating time, in which the seasons failed, as always, to arrive except in fragments, moments, snow piled up on rain, summer like a drill, each oblong-ovate leaf
Flowers 28-30 mm long, sessile, densely and polystichously arranged, suberect, odor not detected; sepals oblong-ovate, strongly asymmetric with a subrounded wing distinctly exceeding the midnerve, ca.
5 cm in diameter, rachis stout and concealed by the bracts, densely white-lanate; primary bracts oblong-ovate, obtuse to slightly emarginate and minutely apiculate, nerved, densely and conspicuously white-farinose-lepidote with trichomes obscuring its the color, stramineous, thin in texture toward the apex, erect or nearly so, ecarinate, entire, apical margins conspicuously undulate, concealing the branches but not the petals, 60 x 30-35 mm; primary branches ca.
5 x 4 mm, white-lanate; floral bracts triangular, acuminate, 8-9 x 7 mm, membranaceous, greenish-hyaline, entire, carinate, nerved, densely and coarsely white-lepidote at apex with fimbriate trichomes, white-lanate at base, slightly exceeding the ovary to equaling the middle of the sepals; flowers 29-30 mm long (with extended petals), sessile, strongly fragrant; sepals oblong-ovate to elliptic, acute and distinctly apiculate, 8-9.
Leaves densely and equally arranged along the stem, spreading, distinctly longer than the stem; sheaths oblong-ovate, 3-6 x 2-2.