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Noun1.kite balloon - a barrage balloon with lobes at one end that keep it headed into the windkite balloon - a barrage balloon with lobes at one end that keep it headed into the wind
barrage balloon - an elongated tethered balloon or blimp with cables or net suspended from it to deter enemy planes that are flying low
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He did however take charge of the short-lived Confederate air force, consisting of an observation balloon tethered to a river boat on the James River from which he reconnoitered the enemy line.
Sending up an observation balloon requires only about one-10th of the cost of launching a rocket for similar use, and makes it possible for observations over a longer period of time due to its gradual rise, the officials said.
Flying nearby was the observation balloon of the 6th Balloon Company.
Summary: The Israeli army launched an observation balloon Thursday morning to survey the area over the town of Metula, a week after Hezbollah vowed to retaliate for an Israeli air raid.
It tells the story of imprisoned soldiers escaping the American Civil War, who take flight in a giant observation balloon and land on a strange island where they encounter giant creatures, cut-throat pirates, a pair of shipwrecked English ladies and the mysterious Captain Nemo.
May 28 /PRNewswire/ -- The Orange County Great Park Design Team, led by Master Designer and Landscape Architect Ken Smith, won a 2009 Professional Award from the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) for their work on the Observation Balloon Preview Park.
Five of his twenty-six victories were German observation balloons.
More than 1,000 Israeli police were deployed around the Old City's cobbled streets and the ancient gates that lead to Al-Aqsa, a spokeswoman said, in addition to undercover anti-riot units and observation balloons floating in the sky.
Al-Qarara and ob observation balloons are shot in Gaza skies.