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n.1.The office or work of an observer.
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They also noted Georgia's application to become a member of the Energy Community and Armenia's active observership in the Energy Community.
Marans is an active member of REBNY's private Early Access Program, New York University's Bronfman Center's Alumni Advisory Board, and the WA-Federation of New York and its Observership Program.
Should the United States also support Taiwan's observership status (if not membership) in international organizations, such as the World Health Organization (WHO), International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and U.
She argues for a conception of active observership that is predicated on embodiment, which is the key to Bakhtin's understanding of aesthetics.
An international Otolaryngologist will be awarded with participation in the AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting, and a two-week observership at a Center of Excellence in the United States.
In addition, as a specialist department of high calibre ocularists, the unit runs an observership programme where specialists from across the world can attend the department for a specified period of time to extend their skills, advance the way they practice and improve what they offer to patients.
Similarly, AAGL has identified five large-volume vaginal centers throughout the country where observership programs are available to practitioners interested in learning the techniques (www.
The Kazakhstan Foreign Minister stated that his country fully supports Sri Lanka's bid for observership in the SCO and will advocate its acceptance.
KHCC and AUB-FM staff will undergo advanced academic training, staff exchange and observership as well as participate in joint conferences and symposia.
Neustadt wrote with a broader audience than social scientists in mind; as he noted in the preface to the 1990 edition, "I have always tried to turn participant observership to the account of scholarship that might assist participants" (xxvii).
WHA observership, Yeh said, would allow Taiwan freer access to information on diseases, epidemics and preventative measures, as well as provide the island a direct channel of communication with the U.
It heralds the beginning of a series of programmes aimed at learning, experience, practice and observership and the application of this training to paediatric ophthalmology units in Pakistan.