Obturator foramen

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(Anat.) an opening situated between the public and ischial parts of the innominate bone and closed by the obturator membrane; the thyroid foramen.

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According to operative reports for these 2 patients, the needle passed through the obturator foramen with difficulty.
We still pass the needle all the way through a vaginal incision and out through the obturator foramen, and we pull the sling into place as we would any other TOT sling.
The obturator nerve has a variable number of articular branches likely radiating from a common stem located lateral to the obturator foramen inferior to the acetabulum (Figure 3).
The sina que non on CT is visualization of the bowel entering obturator canal through the obturator foramen, which is inferior and lateral to the inguinal canal.
1c) included the acetabular fossa, pubis, ischium, obturator foramen, and most of the ilium.