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This intuitive approach, nearer to method acting than ventriloquism, may be the most prescient way to represent someone as trapped in his own neural synapses as Dick, someone so far from endorsement by the people who would later lay claims to his work that he could stand as a monument to the culture's obtusity.
By the same token, enough filters through their conversations, however obscurely given Firmino's obtusity, to convey the Avvocato's role of sentinel, such as La gastrite finds outlined by Blanchot, but also that his enterprise is--self-consciously--as hopeless as Garibaldo's, and pathological as the commitment of friendship in Notturno indiano.
In 1777, a year after his obtusity provoked many of his North American colonies to revolt, he was persuaded by the Royal Academy to make a grant to a bricklayer's son so that the young man could spend three years in Italy to study the best models of architecture.