Ockham's razor

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Ock·ham's razor

also Oc·cam's razor (ŏk′əmz)
A rule in science and philosophy stating that the simplest of two or more competing theories is preferable; for example, an explanation of a new phenomenon should first be attempted in terms of what is already known, without adding further entities or principles. Also called law of parsimony.

[After William of Ockham.]

Ockham's razor


Occam's razor

(Philosophy) a maxim, attributed to William of Ockham, stating that in explaining something assumptions must not be needlessly multiplied. Also called: the principle of economy
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Noun1.Ockham's Razor - the principle that entities should not be multiplied needlessly; the simplest of two competing theories is to be preferred
principle, rule - a rule or law concerning a natural phenomenon or the function of a complex system; "the principle of the conservation of mass"; "the principle of jet propulsion"; "the right-hand rule for inductive fields"
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All appearances can be preserved by supposing that qualities mutually support and adhere to one another, and so by Ockham's razor, the idea of substance is unnecessary.
As scientists, we use Ockham's razor, the principle of choosing the simpler answer between two equally likely solutions to a problem.
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The rule of logic known as Ockham's Razor -- do not multiply unnecessary entities -- would seem to favor a single unprovable God over an infinity of unprovable universes," writes Rabbi Sacks.
if we postulate different types of minds, the principle of Ockham's razor will be violated.
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